Working Together

A corporate culture which encourages openness, engagement and the sharing of skills and resources has many advantages for an organisation. However, such a culture is also a major source of advantage within the competitive tender process. Working together to share corporate resources helps to build resilience, speed and competitiveness.

What are the risks?

Very few organisations have a corporate-level pursuit team with all the capabilities required to submit a winning tender, who are sat together waiting for an opportunity to arrive.

A Diverse and Busy Team

The reality is more likely to be a centralised project management and coordination function, supported by subject matter experts with existing responsibilities. The effort required to ensure good team-working between individuals should not be underestimated, particularly if they are located in different time zones.

Asking the Wrong People

Ensuring that the most able individuals provide guidance and knowledge is essential in a time-constrained environment. If the right people are not available then there may be a tendency for the pursuit team to expand their search for answers. This is not only time-consuming but can create resentment among individuals who are being asked to contribute but who don’t feel adequately prepared or informed.

Poor Quality Answers

When contributors aren’t committed to the process, inevitably the quality of responses will suffer.

Silos of Information

Without the right processes and supporting tools for collaboration in place, silos of information can reside within particular divisions or geographies which are then not leveraged to their full potential.

Knowledge is Power

Without a corporate culture that encourages, supports and rewards knowledge sharing, unhelpful attitudes can persist, with little fiefdoms jealously protection their own knowledge.

What can you do?

The key to bringing together remote and busy individuals and engaging them in the complex and critical project of submitting a tender is a high level of collaboration, information sharing and communication.

Best Practice for Rapid Project Setup

> Optimise remote resources with a high level of collaboration, information sharing and communication.

> Move quickly and efficiently to provide the right responses.

> Encourage knowledge sharing across disciplines and within peer groups.

> Promote opportunities to upskill and reward individuals who do so.

> Use the tendering process, tender contributions and feedback within professional development frameworks.

> Use audit tools to ensure a higher level of compliance and encourage tender process improvement.

Use leading software for the successful project management of your tenders

TenderEyes™ supports successful tendering by enabling access to a fully resourced pursuit team and ensuring they are provided with key information to support their contributions. TenderEyes™ can be configured with a selection of gateways and approvals to ensure relevant project managers, team members and approvers have all the information they need at appropriate times.

TenderEyes™ supports and manages the whole process of tenders from opportunity selection and management, through to bidding, winning and onward into contract delivery and sub-contractor management.  Our innovative software is ideal for large organisations with dedicated tender teams that spread over multiple nations and continents.

Would you like to see more?

If you would like to see how easy it is to use TenderEyes, book onto one of our free demos, where we can take you on a tour of the software and answer any questions you may have.

Alternatively, you can find out more about the importance of working together here.