Rapid Project Setup

In all formal tenders the customer will clearly identify the timetable for responding, which can typically be 6-8 weeks for the major part of a tender. With pressured timescales like these, being prepared and engaged can be a major source of competitive advantage. It is essential to have the ability to rapidly set up a fully resourced and motivated project team.

What are the risks?

Coordinating the different resources required to submit a winning tender response can be a feat of organisation. Drawing on expertise from across the business is vital, but poor planning represents an obvious and major risk.

Under Pressure

Without clear processes in place, protracted decision-making about the allocation of resources can eat into valuable response time. This places even greater time pressure on the final pursuit team.

A Growing Burden

As the pursuit team scrambles to garner the support it requires – often at the last minute – the goodwill of the wider team will often see a response through. However, if this last-minute scramble is allowed to become the norm, resentment towards the pursuit team can soon build within the wider business.

Unavailability of Key Contributors

Vital contributions from subject matter experts might be missed if procrastination combines with already busy schedules, or holidays.

Lack of Clarity

Without clear policies and credible allocation of time and resources, the motivation to submit a winning bid can waver – or never get off the ground. All team members need to know what is expected of them.

Diminishing Returns

If the critical business of winning tenders is allowed to become a burden and is perceived negatively within the enterprise, this can only lead to poorer quality responses and lower win ratios. The temptation then is to bid for more and the law of diminishing returns comes into play.

What can you do?

It is of high importance to have immediate access to a team who are available, suitably qualified and competent, coupled with being engaged and motivated to take on the tasks assigned to them and contribute towards successful execution of the project.

Best Practice for Rapid Project Setup

> Effective and immediate delegation of tasks.

> Plans, workflows and meetings must be fully resourced.

> Don’t allow the tendering process to become a burden.

> Provide the tools to ensure information sharing and engagement.

> Create methodologies for managing multiple bids effectively.

Use leading software for the successful project management of your tenders

TenderEyes™ supports successful tendering by enabling access to a fully resourced pursuit team and ensuring they are provided with key information to support their contributions.  TenderEyes™ can be configured with a selection of gateways and approvals to ensure relevant project managers, team members and approvers have all the information they need at appropriate times.

Would you like to see more?

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Alternatively, you can find out more about the importance of rapid project setup here.