The Opportunities Module of TenderEyes

Business Issue

Are you satisfied with the quality of tender opportunities that your teams are working on nationally or internationally?


There is a lack of clarity as to what tender opportunities must be pursued and what ones must be avoided, which creates a “bid for everything” environment. If there is minimal review and control of the pipeline by management, then local sales teams will often try to bid for too many tenders, which ties up critical resources and can lead to a reduction in overall win ratios over time.

More serious impacts from overbidding can be a reduction in business-wide motivation due to time wasting and late qualifying out of tenders after a lot of work has been done by internal and external/third party resources; or even brand/reputational damage caused in the market place by bidding for work that is clearly not within the ability of the business to deliver.

TenderEyes solution

The Opportunities Module of TenderEyes addresses this problem by providing tools and controls for sales teams and senior managers to align their activities so that there is an optimisation of resources and outcomes.

A second stage of qualification can be an assessment tool configured within the TenderEyes functionality that may encompass financial hurdles, geographic limits and competitive positions etc; all of which will lead to an opportunity being properly qualified and aligned with the corporate plan prior to any pursuit teams being mobilised.

For more comprehensive qualification strategies the TenderEyes opportunity module can configured to match your corporate processes or interface with third party sales products such as Miller-HeimanĀ®, BANT or SCOTSMAN.