Pipeline Management

The mismanagement of your core bid pipeline can create many unforeseen risks for your organisation. Have you considered the risks to your brand image, staff motivation and customer perception?

Major risks of poor management

In many businesses there are often substantial resources invested in tender pursuit teams. During quiet periods, many less experienced managers will feel it acceptable to focus these resources on a speculative tender. The motivation to keep the team busy is a good one, but the potential for damage can be significant.

Wasted Effort and Resources

What happens when the resources that have been committed are required to work on a new, more promising, tender opportunity? In addition, the pursuit team will inevitably need to draw on other resources across the business. These resources will not be sat around twiddling their thumbs. Asking experts from around the business to contribute time and effort to this speculative tender will more than likely be a waste of resources that could be better deployed elsewhere.

Unprofitable and brand damaging?

Worse still, what happens if the speculative opportunity does not align with stated business goals? If the gamble pays off, the business could be dragged into an unprofitable sale or a market segment it has no interest in serving. If the opportunity is misaligned with the business’ brand values then the speculative tender could cause significant brand damage and prove to be a very costly mistake.

What can you do?

It is vital, then, to understand what a good opportunity looks like and be willing to say “no” to opportunities that don’t fulfil the stated criteria.

Best Practice in Pipeline Management

• Alignment of CPV codes with business strategy.
• Statistical and evidence-based qualification of opportunities.
• Effective intra-team communication.
• Full visibility of the opportunity for the entire pursuit team.
• Focused utilisation of market analysis and market data.

Use leading software for managing the tendering process

Our bid and tender management solution, TenderEyes™, supports successful tendering by enabling the identification, rigorous qualification and approval of opportunities.  If desired, the software will allow only high quality opportunities to be presented for review, following configuration of a selection of gateways and approvals.

Our groundbreaking software is ideal for large organisations with dedicated teams for tendering, that spread over multiple nations and continents.

TenderEyes supports and manages the whole process of tenders from opportunity selection and management, through to bidding, winning and onward into contract delivery and sub-contractor management.

Would you like to see more?

If you would like to see how easy it is to use TenderEyes, feel free to book onto one of our demos, where we can take you on a tour of the software and answer any questions you have.

Alternatively, you can find out more about our tendering philosophy here.