The Opportunities Module of TenderEyes

Business Issue

How do you forecast and control the costs of submitting multiple tenders across different countries?


The governance and authority levels required to ensure that the business’s financial resources are managed correctly are not often applied to the sales pipeline, and decisions are left to sales leads and experienced individuals to use judgement or other emotional based processes. Without proper rigour and control the number of opportunities being pursued can increase, pursuit teams mobilised and taken from their day jobs, third parties engaged and significant financial commitments made. This commitment of financial resources can often be in the tens of thousands of Euros without proper authorisation, and undertaken by employees who cannot spend €15 without receipts or a proper policy being followed.

Solution with TenderEyes

TenderEyes can be configured to match your current business processes and levels of authority/governance, or used as a supporting tool in a change program to improve the current processes. Country specific processes and controls can also be put in place so that regional reporting can be undertaken and executive level dashboards presenting data from operating regions can be designed and built.

Once the TenderEyes system is configured to your requirements any opportunity that has been identified and qualified can then be finally authorised, and a pursuit project automatically set up within the system.