TenderEyes is an end-to-end digital solution for managing your tendering process.

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TenderEyes fully supports all the formal processes of tendering, including those processes governed by national or supra-national legislation relating to the procurement of goods and services such as OJEU procurement guidelines in Europe.

Organised Tendering

TenderEyes is ideal for large organisations with dedicated tender teams, often spread over multiple countries or regions. Built to guide the pursuit teams through the seven core competencies fundamental to successful tendering, our software supports users through a systematic approach to tender creation and management.

Major global businesses often achieve 95% of their revenue through formal tendering processes. Our customers come from all sectors of the economy, but they share one common realisation: improvement of their tender management is the single most important process for driving business growth. TenderEyes is currently supporting large multi-functional tender teams in excess of 200 users over 30 countries.

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Create fully compliant, highly competitive and compelling tenders

Our customers rely on TenderEyes for:

– The automated notification of tendering opportunities

– Analysis of opportunities, from formal adverts and tender releases to known contract wins, integrated with market information and CRM data

– A repository for all corporate knowledge used to improve the competitiveness of a formal tender

– Supporting the robust approach to project management so that the tender is submitted accurately and fully approved within the deadline

– Comprehensive management of corporate knowledge, in terms of Product, Service, Branding, Price and Governance

– Coordinating the need for multiple subject matter expertise across various business functions and geographies.  This requires management of a wide-ranging team with contributions across the organisation from individual subject matter objects through to the Board of Directors

– Collaboration between individuals, departments, divisions and geographies to ensure that well-informed responses are prepared

– Reducing the risks associated with the handover from pursuit team to operational delivery team

– Effective management of partners and subcontractors from selection and evaluation through tender contribution and operational performance to support in a way that enhances the corporate brand.

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Designed and developed specifically to address the seven core competencies which are required for successful tendering; to support organisations to develop and nurture these competencies so that they become more successful at winning tenders.

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