The Reference Library Module of TenderEyes

Business Issue

Do you have a secure repository for your business knowledge/intelligence and is this easily searchable and useable by your teams?


Tenders have to be submitted within defined time frames and the speed of completion is often a critical, if not competitive, skill. Speed and accuracy run in parallel in a tender completion window and if the teams are struggling to pull together information, searching files, hard drives and calling colleagues in different countries, then the response will not be the best that can be done.

The rapidly approaching deadline for completion and approval will force the team to “cut and paste” previous information or at worst embellish the information to a point where it is no longer accurate or true.

Solution with TenderEyes

The TenderEyes reference library module provides a safe, secure, and easily managed central focus for your corporate knowledge. The solution can hold simple questions with the answers tailored for each country, language, product, or it can be used for complex contractual clauses, policies, project plans, product brochures and any other attachments.

In fact, everything that is needed to submit a tender will be held in the Reference Library, and it can be easily accessed provided the user has the appropriate authorisation.

The solution holds all known versions of answers, so that previous answers can be considered, and the answers can be further sorted by their usage, similar types of tender, their scores and any internal ratings or evaluations.