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TenderEyes is an end-to-end digital solution for managing the tendering process.

TenderEyes supports the formal processes of tendering throughout an organisation. The software has been designed and developed specifically to address the seven core competencies which are required for successful tendering; supporting organisations to develop and nurture these competencies so that they become more successful at winning tenders.

Customers in over 30 countries.

Our customers in over 30 countries use TenderEyes to help them win more work where a complex and formal tender process is required.

You can see from the map that the application is relevant to all countries, as the finer details may change due to country specific requirements, the actual business process of submitting a compelling, competitive and authorised tender is universal.

Some of our global clients…


For large global businesses, all major opportunities for sales growth are advertised through central government procurement portals or individual customer websites.  TenderEyes can be linked with these portals and websites to show a continuous feed of filtered opportunities for the sales teams to pursue.

If an opportunity is chosen, TenderEyes can automatically set up the project workspace, invite appropriate pursuit team members to engage, and hand the project over to the bid manager.

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Reference Library

TenderEyes incorporates a reference library which has been designed and built specifically to support the tender process.

It has been built on first principles as we recognise that the submission of a complex and competitive tender is the only business process or corporate response that can involve every knowledge element, from detailed corporate level policies on ethics or environment through to operational delivery plans and highly detailed product specifics.

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Project Workspace

TenderEyes contains a comprehensive project management module, capable of managing concurrent tenders with differing deadlines and complexities running across multiple divisions and geographies.

TenderEyes is currently supporting large multi-functional tender teams in excess of 200 users across 30 countries.  The sophisticated project management tools are directly focussed on tendering activity and managing content submission.

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Large organisations which may be both divisionally and geographically diverse truly appreciate the need for collaboration and sharing information to work smarter.  In many successful companies, collaboration is a core competency and differentiator.

The TenderEyes collaboration module is primarily a tool to support shared working to inform tender teams in order to professionally develop and gain awareness of wider business, customer and environmental issues in order to improve their ability to contribute to high quality, compelling and winning tenders.

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In today’s highly competitive global economy, a successful business can never know too much about its competitors either past, current or emerging.  TenderEyes supports a business’s objectives to submit a tender which is fully authorised, articulate, compelling and above all competitive.

The software details competitive knowledge at three levels; corporate, operational and detailed with the purpose being to help the individuals who answer specific questions in tenders to have some grasp of what the competitors may be answering.

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Partner & Contractor Management

For large global organisations, it is often necessary to work with a wide range of sub-contractors and partners to deliver a complex service.

Many businesses are facing increased competition and demanding requirements from customers to deliver a service rather than product. With the appropriate security levels and authorisation, sub-contractors can be part of the tender team and have full visibility of deadlines, tasks to be completed and clarifications from the customer.

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Contract Management

TenderEyes provides a seamless management and visibility of workload from identifying opportunity, through to submitting a formal tender and beyond into Go Live and operational delivery and structured account management.

The contract management module can automatically be populated with all the relevant information from the tender submission ensuring the operational teams have a complete and professional handover.

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